Expired snacks, I wanted to quit, and my new strategy.

So when I woke up yesterday, I felt terrible. My stomach was all messed up (maybe it was the Starbucks and Easter candy at 9 pm), and I just felt blah. I decided a nice healthy breakfast would fix everything, so I raided my stash at work and found this bar.

I’m glad I noticed the “best by date” of June 2013 before I ate it. Don’t worry, I did end up finding a non-expired Clif bar and did not go hungry. :-)
Wednesday has been “track day” for a while now, so of course it was chilly and very windy for our workout. This workout was a killer and I wanted to quit so many times.

8 x 800m in 3:17 with a 1:30 RI (rest interval) between sets. We ended up running each 800m in about 3:14-3:15 and I really had to channel my inner Shalane and remember that Bart Yasso (Yasso 800s) is one of my BFFs. :-)

After the workout, I refueled with a very healthy lunch and some healthy fat from my guacamole dressing.

Dinner was a chicken salad sandwich (2 separate sandwiches put together) and fruit with the best company around…AB and my parents. :-)

Since I’m trying to cut back on my ice cream consumption, I used one of Annabelle’s bowls AND the ice cream was “light”. Even though the bowl doesn’t look that small in the picture, it’s much smaller than my usual mixing bowl.

What’s your go to breakfast right now?

Would you rather run in rain, snow, or wind?

Last dessert you ate?

Lots of pictures (of Annabelle) from last weekend!









Happy Belated Easter!

Week of 4/13-4/19: Training Recap

Hey everyone. Since I can’t seem to ever post “Marathon Training Monday” on Monday, this post has a new catchy title, “Training Recap.” I know it’s super original, but please feel free to use it if you would like. :-)


8 tempo miles – 1 warmup and 7 at a 7:36 pace (this run was followed by lots of cake to celebrate my mom’s bday).


Body Pump class


Track workout – 10 x 400m with a 400m recovery jog in between sets

Our times:


Body Pump class


Last 20 mile run of training!!! 20.5 miles at an 8:20 average pace. It felt pretty good and I’m so glad we start a slow taper from here on out. :-)


Hang around the house and eat lots of good food. Rest days are super important and I take them very seriously. :-)

2 1/2 weeks until race day! After watching the Boston Marathon coverage on Monday, I want this BQ even more. <3

Have a great day!

That’s going to hurt in the morning.

I took a body pump class during lunch today. This is nothing new and I’ve been taking 2 classes a week for a while now. However, today’s class was a new release (#89 I think?) and it was heavy on the leg work. As if the squat track wasn’t hard enough, squats were also thrown into the back and lunges track. My legs should feel really great during my 20 mile run tomorrow morning.

(This is our last 20 miler! Race day is 3 weeks away!)
If you have ever read my blog or seen my Instagram pics (follow me at lindarunning4two!), you know I LOVE dessert. I eat ice cream (or something sweet) every single night. I do eat pretty healthy the rest of the day…salad, fruit, yogurt, etc….


…but this whole ice cream/dessert obsession might be getting out of hand!




Maybe I’ll try to cut back to just weekends…MAYBE. :-)

How often do you eat dessert?

Ever taken Body Pump?

Track workouts are tough.

Today’s track workout called for 10 x 400m in 1:37 with a 400m recovery interval. When I first looked at the workout I thought, “That sounds pretty easy. Thank goodness for an easy track day.” After completing 2 sets and 2 recovery jogs, I knew that it wasn’t going to be so easy.

Our times were pretty much on the money and they ranged from 1:34 to 1:41. Our times went up during the last 5 sets because we were sharing the track and had to run in the outside lanes. Including the jog over and back, we ended with about 5.5 miles for the day (2.5 fast and 2.5 easy).

I’ve been having some very “tough feeling” runs lately, so I’ve come up with a list of things that help me push through and get the job done.

5 Ways to Survive a Tough Run

1. Visualize your ultimate goal: Try to remember what you are training for and your ultimate reason for training so hard. When I picture myself qualifying for Boston (hopefully!), I am able to push through and finish strong.

2. Split the workout into chunks: It is so much easier to split the workout into small, manageable pieces. For example, think of a 20 miler as four 5 mile chunks or 10 x 400m as two sets of 5. It’s all mental, but it really helps.

3. Repeat a quote or phrase that motivates you: Find a quote that you really like and repeat it when the times get tough. I’ve been using this one lately…”Comfort is a great place to be, but nothing grows there.” During the last mile of a race I ALWAYS repeat, “You can do anything for a mile.”

4. Think about someone special: Picture someone who means a lot to you, someone who makes you smile. This helps me to forget about how tough the workout is and let’s me focus on that person who motivates me to keep going.

5. Visualize a reward: Most often I think about what I will eat later in the day… Whatever your reward may be (a pedicure, a margarita, an ice cream sundae), make sure to treat yourself every once in a while everyday!


How do you get through a tough workout?

Anybody else do speed work today?

The best mom in the world just had a birthday!

My mom’s birthday was on Monday! Doesn’t she look really good for 40? ;-)

We started the celebration on Sunday with lunch at Friendly Farms. This place is awesome…I had a crab cake and fried shrimp and the table shares a bunch of all you can eat sides.

My Aunt Janice (my mom’s sister) and my Uncle Gren were nice enough to come and surprise my mom. :-)


Feeding the ducks!



Love her.

Me, Annabelle, and Poppy <3

We continued the festivities on Monday and my mom and I enjoyed dinner…and lots of cake! Chocolate cake with whipped frosting to be exact.

My bowl of cake AND ice cream. :-))

She really is my best friend and the best example of a truly amazing mom.

Favorite cake flavor?

Any other April birthdays?

Marathon Training Monday V: #MTM

Yes, it’s Tuesday. I started this yesterday and had the best intentions to post it yesterday. I failed.
Happy Monday!  I can’t believe how fast April is going…race day is now less than a month away!

Here is last week’s training recap:


9.2 miles on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD.

Strength Training = power tone class (similar to body pump but not as structured)


Track Workout: 3 x 1600m at a 6:51 pace

Our times:

1600m in 6:46
1600m in 6:46
1600m in 6:39

With the jog to and from the track, we finished with about 4.5 miles.


Strength training and cardio – I went to lunch with coworkers, so I squeezed in a quick workout after work.


15 minutes on the bike

3 rounds of the following:

15 squat jumps
15 push-ups
10 back kicks on each leg
10 tricep push-ups on each arm
15 tricep dips
30 sit-ups or bicycles
10 push up planks on each side

This was a great workout and I will try to show a demonstration of some of the moves that aren’t that familiar soon. :-)


7 easy miles total. Some outside with friends and a few on the treadmill.


A 10k race with friends! I finished in 45:39 with an average pace of 7:22. Serge and Lisa did great too! Lisa placed first in her age group!



Rest day and eat lots of food day!

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Fun Things Friday!

TGIF! Even though this was a short work week for me, it felt like Friday would never come!

1. I ran 5.67 miles with great friends during lunch today. Afterwards, I hopped on the treadmill and made it an even 7 for the day. I left the gym with a big smile on my face. Running = instant happiness.

2. I get to spend 2 whole days with my favorite tiny human this weekend. She does something new everyday and she is so much fun. PS She loves Bobby Flay. We thought she has been saying baby lately, but it’s really Bobby. :-)

3. It’s finally Tom’s weather. I got new ones (bright yellow) and I can’t wait to wear them.

4. Fresh fruit! I have a love/hate relationship with pineapple, but I am loving it right now.

5. I’m eating this in hopes of making it to Boston next year. :-)

6. I’m running a race tomorrow morning! It’s a 10k (Sole of the City 10k) and I’m super excited to see what I can do. Has all that speed work paid off?

Tell me something fun about your Friday!

Mile repeats and back to eating veggies.

I try to eat pretty healthy and workout while on vacation, but I def eat differently than when I’m doing my normal routine. Since we were away this weekend and I ate lots of good food (and not so many veggies), I tried to get back on track yesterday.


Fruit and a soft Belvita Bar


A big salad with spinach, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, corn, peas, and grilled chicken.


Yogurt with cinnamon granola


Scrambled eggs with shredded chicken and mozzarella cheese with a side of veggies.

Don’t be fooled…I still ate ice cream for dessert. :-)
Yesterday was track day and I’ve learned to love and hate it at the same time. The workout was:

3 x 1600m in 6:51 with 400m rest interval

We did:

1600m in 6:47
1600m in 6:47
1600m in 6:39

I really love the feeling of being so tired at the end of each set but feeling recovered and refreshed at the beginning of the next set. :-)

My friend Jeanette shared a great quote with me during our workout and I repeated it a few times during our last mile: “Comfort is a great place to be, but nothing grows there.” :-)

I hope you are having a great Thursday!

What’s your favorite quote? When do you need it most?

Things to do on a rainy weekend in Ocean City.

Chris and I spent two nights in Ocean City this past weekend and even though the weather wasn’t great, we had a great time! I have to once again thank my parents for their help…I don’t know what we would do without them.

I’m going to warn you now, this post is very picture happy. :-)

We arrived in the late afternoon and checked into our hotel, The Dunes Manor.

The view from our balcony. :-)

The sunset later that evening…I love this picture.

I googled some dinner options because a lot of restaurants and hotels are closed during the off season. We decided on the Coral Reef Cafe in the Day’s Inn on 17th Street and it turned out to be a great pick. We were a little concerned at first, but our bartender (Patrick) was super nice and the food was really good. I ordered the Coral Reef Turkey Sandwich (focaccia, turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and red pepper aioli) with a side of sweet potato fries. These fries were AMAZING.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to relax and watch TV. Yes, this is a fun night for us since sitting and watching adult TV is a luxury now. :-) We watched some Full House while eating m&ms and fell asleep by 11 ish.


I started Monday in the best possible ways!

A. A selfie with the ocean

B. A 9 mile run on the boardwalk…in the rain.


C. Breakfast at Dumser’s


The rest of Monday was spent watching the Oriole’s game at The Greene Turtle…

Tea time at our hotel (they have it everyday from 3-4 and it was amazing)…. Me and crumpets and chocolate chip cookies.


Dinner at a restaurant called Hooked… All of the food is acquired locally and everything was fresh and delicious (the lighting was low and my pics didn’t turn out without a flash).

Dessert at Dumser’s… Chris ordered a chocolate milkshake and I got an Oreo super sundae. They make their own ice cream and I could eat the Oreo crush everyday of my life.


I “slept in” until about 7:45 and then headed to the hotel “exercise room”. The room was small and only contained a bike, an elliptical, and a stair stepper, but it was nice to have and it did the job. I rode the bike for 15 minutes and then did the following exercise circuit.

- 15 jump squats with alternating knee raises
- 15 push-ups
- 15 back kicks on each leg
- 10 side tricep push-ups on each side
- 15 tricep dips
- 50 sit ups
- 10 plank push ups on each side

I completed the circuit 3 times and I was a sweaty mess at the end.

After I took a quick shower, we packed and headed down to the Victorian Room for breakfast.

This was our view…the ocean is behind that wall of fog. :-(

French toast and sliced strawberries.


It was sooo nice to have a few days to relax and unwind, but we were so happy to get back to you know who. :-) We will see you again soon Ocean City!


If you didn’t stop reading after the 15th picture, where would you go for a weekend getaway if money wasn’t an option?


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