An afternoon at Starbucks

Annabelle is always a happy baby in the morning.  Her hair was looking especially awesome this morning.

February 25 002

Breakfast didn’t happen until around 11 am.  I never seem to eat breakfast until around lunch time.  If AB is going to sleep until 9:30 or 10:00, then so am I.  Please keep in mind that she only sleeps a few hours at a time and she is in no way sleeping through the night and getting up at 10 am.  Once she wakes up and she is fed and dressed and happy, I finally get to eat and it is usually lunch-ish time by then.  This morning’s breakfast was oatmeal made with milk and cinnamon and I added a little bit of Kashi Go Lean for some added crunch.  I also ate a Chobani yogurt.  The flavor was coffee with chocolate chunks…it was pretty good and almost like a dessert.

February 25 003

After breakfast I took a brisk walk…power walking if you will.  I may have looked funny, but I wanted to get my heart pumping and it felt great.  I left the pup at home today because I wanted to get a good paced walk in and did not want the stop and go that goes along with walking with her.

Spring training has begun, go Orioles!  My head is awkwardly turned to the side because Chris told me that I looked bald otherwise.

February 25 006

Chris had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, so AB and I decided to hit the local Starbucks.  I ordered my usual Grande Soy Chai and addressed the new baby announcements I ordered from Shutterfly.

February 25 008

Annabelle wanted an espresso but I told her no.  She decided to sleep in protest.

February 25 009

Tonight’s activities include dinner and watching The Following.  We may also watch Flight (Denzel Washington) if we have time.  We got the movie from Redbox which is awesome because it only cost $1 a night.  Too bad we have had the movie for a week.  Money saving fail.





  1. Lol, Chris told you you look bald. 🙂
    I always get a grande pike with hazelnut syrup, mostly because I get flustered when the man yells at me for my order and I have no clue what else to get.

    • Yup, I can always count on him to be honest. Is pike just the normal coffee? Do you add cream to that? I’m sorry you get yelled at :-(…lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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