Welcome!…and a baby always needs new clothing.

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for reading my first post!  I will be talking about my day to day life of being a mommy, running, eating, and sleeping (very little) while I enjoy the rest of my maternity leave.  I will also be posting some “Getting to know me” posts to talk about the past big events in my life.

Since I have not been officially given the OK to exercise yet (my 6 week appointment is on Thursday), I took Molly for a walk this morning for some exercise.  She is not really the best walker because she needs to sniff EVERYTHING and she doesn’t understand the concept of loose leash walking.  We walked for about a half hour and I was happy to get moving for a little while.  When we got inside I did a few pushups and sit ups…I cannot wait to start running this weekend!

iPhone Pics 22413 019

I finally made breakfast around 11:30 (once my husband Chris finally got out of bed).  Stuffed french toast was on the menu this morning.  This french toast is extremely easy to make…take two pieces of bread and put whatever you would like inside and dip the bread in the egg mixture and cook!  I use a panini maker to cook my french toast and it makes it super easy.

iPhone Pics 22413 013

iPhone Pics 22413 014

Chris’ dad, sister, and niece came to visit a little while later.  Annabelle is always happy to have visitors hold her while she sleeps :).  Once they left, we decided to head to Old Navy and Kohls.  I heard that Old Navy was having a Kids and Baby sale so I wanted to check it out.  I bought AB a sun hat, onsie, jean shorts, and a top from Old Navy and an Easter dress from Kohls.  I also bought myself some workout clothing from Old Navy and I cannot wait to try them out!



On the way home we stopped at Sons of Sicily for pizza.  My side of the pizza was healthy because it was covered with spinach and mushrooms ;).  AB started getting  upset so I only had time to eat two pieces…thanks for the help with portion control!  Giant is right next to the pizza place and I may or may not have sent Chris to get some cookies and cream ice cream.


Now to watch the Oscars!

What do you like on your pizza?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Do you watch the Oscars?


  1. jason mccliment says:

    Woke up At 1130! I also like spinach on my pizza.

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