A morning run and Babyfest 2013!

Saturday morning started off great for two reasons:

  1. Annabelle slept for 5 straight hours!
  2. I went on my first post-baby run!

I met my friend Frank (and his dog Buddy) at the trail for an easy 6 miles.  I didn’t wear my Garmin or pay attention to the time because I know that it will take a while to get my pace back to where it was and I am just happy to be running again.  Once my body gets used to running again, I will start to work on my pace…10k race in about 5 1/2 weeks :).

006 005

It felt so great to run again, but my body is feeling it today!

I had oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, and a banana when I got home…refueling for workout #2!


My next workout was Day 2 of Insanity!  This workout was Cardio Power and Strength and it was 40 minutes long.  The exercises included moves such as power jumps, suicides, squats, and kicks.  We also did moving pushups and tricep dips for strength.  This workout seemed pretty hard to me…but I’m sure the 6 mile run didn’t help.  Chris adds a comedic factor to the workout as he hates on the guys in the video who can jump and bring their knees up to their ears :).  I hate on the women who have long hair and wear it completely down for an intense workout…you ladies are with me right?

Next on the agenda was Babyfest!  My friend Lauren lives out of town and she came home for the weekend to meet the new babies in our group.  Her parents are super awesome and they always invite us over and cook delicious food.  On the menu last night was salad, lasagna (the best lasagna ever made), and garlic bread.  This picture does not do it justice.

012 010

The dessert spread was absolutely amazing!

  • fresh fruit with whipped cream
  • brownies with cream cheese icing
  • chocolate chip pie
  • peanut butter pie
  • apple cake

Since I ran 6 miles and did Insanity, I decided that I deserved to have one of each.  I ended up having a little bit of everything except the brownie with cream cheese icing…I regret that decision now.

015 018

Here is Lauren with Annabelle.  AB was trying to talk her into having a baby.  😉


Without any planning, Annabelle ended up being twinners with her buddy Kaylee.


Here is a shot of the ladies and the babies :).  Shout out to the KD Class of 2000!


It was a great night with awesome company and delicious food!  For those of you that couldn’t join us (Rob, Chris, and Mason), we missed you!

I just wanted to share this with you.  It was 30 degrees and snowing, but the ice cream truck drove around the neighborhood with the music on ready to fufill your ice cream needs.  I did have to keep Chris from going outside and chasing it down.



6 miles


Yup, all the time and it is great.  🙂


No way!

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