Spending time with friends, workout, and my new shoes!

I got up pretty early this morning and since Chris worked until late last night, I was on my own for breakfast.  I had some fruit and a chocolate banana protein muffin.  It was tasty, but I was not full for long.


My friend Kate bought a new house this past year and Lauren and I have never been to see it in person.  Lauren, Annabelle, and I went to check it out this morning and our friend Amber and her two little ones met us there.  Kate has done a lot of work on the house so far (new floors, painting, etc.) and it is looking really good.  However, she is currently housing her brother, sister in law, and almost 1 year old nehpew for a while and the house is not looking how she envisioned it quite yet.  Therefore, I did not take any pictures.  But just so that you don’t feel left out, here we all are at my baby shower. 🙂

I said goodbye to Lauren because she flew back home tonight :(.  Annabelle will miss Aunt Lauren, look how sad she looks.


I was very hungry when I got home so I made something quick and easy for lunch…veggie burger and multigrain pita chips with “less guilt” guacamole.  I also had a grande soy chai from Starbucks that Chris got for me while I was out :).


After a lot of couch sitting and taking a short nap with AB, we finally did the 3rd day of insanity.  Today was Cardio Recovery (33 minutes long) and it was very different from the previous two days.  We did a lot of slow movements and stretching.  Even though we weren’t doing a lot of cardio, it was still pretty difficult to hold the stretches and squats while keeping proper form.

This is me performing two of the stretches…I am wearing my new top from Old Navy and I absolutely love it.  The built in bra is very supportive and I like how the length is long and flowy.


Dinner was quick and easy…chicken pot pie soup, grilled cheese, and green beans.  I rounded off the meal with a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream…not pictured :).


Look at theses babies!!!  I am so excited to try these out!



Nope, but I really need to do some laundry.



Cookies and cream




  1. Hey girl! Have you had a chance to try your shoes?? I was looking at the pureflows as well bc that’s what the brooks shoe advisor says is good for me. Have you ever been fitted for shoes? Just wondering if that’s something a beginner should do… I look forward to reading more posts and seeing more pics of AB!

    • Hey! I actually tried them out today and they were great! I always get sole inserts for my shoes too…since the ones that come with the shoes aren’t very supportive. I think it is good to go and get someone to watch how you run and they can let you know the best shoe for you. I hope your running is going well! Thanks for reading :-).

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