Waffles and snow storm essentials

I apologize for being lame and not posting yesterday, but time got away from me…busy life of a stay at home mom (I’m pretending that I never have to go back to work.).

Yesterday morning I made waffles for breakfast.  I had never used TJ’s multigrain mix before, but it was quite good and the waffles turned out nice and fluffy.  I only had to add milk, egg whites, and 3 tablespoons of oil, so the nutrition stats aren’t too bad…so we each ate one and a half huge waffles :).

010 011

After breakfast we finally watched “Flight”, the $20 Redbox rental…yes, we finally returned it yesterday.  I must say, we were pretty disappointed.  The first 30 minutes was good and the last 30 mintues was good, but everything in between was pretty slow.

Once the movie was over, it was time for Insanity.  Yesterday’s workout was Pure Cardio.  This was by far the hardest day so far.  After the warmup, which is very challenging, we did 6 minutes of stretching and then about 20 minutes of full on cardio.  The other workouts had 30 second waterbreaks every so often, but not this one.  We started and didn’t stop until it was time to cool down and stretch.  Chris and I were both drenched!  I’m not sure if I ever discussed why we are doing Insanity…I want to fit into my old (pre pregnancy) pants and Chris wants to fit into his current pants :).

I was super hungry after our workout, so I had a Chobani yogurt.  I’m really loving these things…I like a little crunch in my yogurt.


Since they are forecasting a pretty significant snowfall for our area (starting overnight tonight) Chris and I went to the store to stock up on the essentials.  I won’t bore you with everything we bought, but here is a picture of the most important items.

014 015

Today’s agenda includes more Insanity and I hope to get out for a run and test out my new shoes!  Just because every post should include Miss AB, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days.  Happy Tuesday everybody!

004 008 020 013





  1. Stop putting all my business in the street

  2. Emmy Ketterman says:

    Chris you crack me up!! At this time I don’t have any snow storm must haves but I do have hurricane must haves! Spaghetti O’s 🙂 I am not running today but I am going to do a fast paced walk on the treadmill and some weights. As for yogurt I don’t like it. It looks so yummy but I have never acquired a taste for it. Oh and those waffles look yummy!

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