Cut and color, SNOW, and food

Yesterday afternoon Chris and I continued our Insanity journey.  We have done each of the workouts in month one, so now they repeat for the first 30 days with one rest day built in.  Today is the scheduled rest day, but I really don’t feel like resting…  I will give a recap of the first 30 days once we get there!

After the workout, I ate a very fast lunch, fed Annabelle, and then headed to get my hair trimmed and highlighted.


It has been quite some time since I had it highlighted and it really needed it.  I also got some bangs cut because I have a huge forehead and a receeding hairline :-/.  I really love the color but I’m not in love with my bangs.  They are definitely too short and not what I envisioned.  After my hair appointment, AB and I went to visit Chris at work and have dinner.  I had a turkey wrap and sweet potato fries.


This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland and it is still coming down strong.


For breakfast I took a second try at making OMG Pancakes…a recipe from Carrots and Cake.  I’m just not great at making edible pancakes, at least that is Chris’ opinion.  I made a huge batch this morning and Molly and I enjoyed them…lucky for us we have leftovers for tomorrow.


I decided to fire up the crockpot for dinner tonight.  In the mix:  sweet potato, corn, black beans, kidney beans, crushed tomatoes, chicken, and vegetable stock.  I also added some cumin, oregano, and a rosemary spice rub.

008 009 010

Let’s hope this turns out better than the pancakes!

What do you think?

Snow:  fun or inconvenient?

Have you ever not been happy with a haircut?

How often do you use a crockpot?

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