I’m still on Team Edward

I have no problem waking up to this face every morning.


Chris requested waffles for breakfast…his wish was granted.


Molly and I finally finished the pancakes and I also had a waffle…she is really sad that they are all gone.

008 007

At noon we were still in our pajamas, so we decided to catch up on the DVR.   We watched this week’s episode of The Americans.  Keri Russel is definitely not Felicity anymore…you guys used to watch that show right?  After the show we finally stopped being lazy and we got our Insanity on.  AB wasn’t feeling it today and she got super upset during the warmup so Chris and I had to do it separately today.

My mom came over tonight and we went to Cracker Barrel…no surprise there.  On the way home we picked up a movie snack.


My mom and I were twinners and we didn’t even plan it :).


Now to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2!  Ok, I confess…this will be my third time seeing it.  Even though Chris insists that he hates these movies, he still supports Team Jacob.


What do you think?

What is on your DVR?

The Americans, Dance Moms, The Following

Have you seen all of the Twilight movies?

Yes, too many times :).

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