A really bad movie

We decided to have Chinese food for dinner last night.  I was really hungry because I definitely did not eat enough after my run.  We ordered two dishes from the healthy diet menu (steamed chicken with veggies and steamed shrimp with veggies) and one dish off of the fried and overloaded with sodium menu (sesame chicken).  Each of us also ordered a shrimp spring roll.

015 019

My mom and I had been watching a “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders:  Making The Team” marathon all day, so we decided to switch gears and watch a movie.  FYI, I can watch this show and Dance Moms all day long…and Law and Order:  SVU.

We picked a free movie called “Sexting”.  Let me assure you that there was absolutely no sexting in the movie and it was just about this guy who was getting over a breakup and dating 3 women at a time.  They all used a Blackberry (back when they were popular) and they just regularly texted each other the whole movie.  It was pretty bad…and I am usually not picky when it comes to movies.

Since I can’t go day without chocolate, I made a batch of these babies.


Annabelle had a great night…she loved sleeping on Kirstyn.  Maybe Kirstyn’s husband Matt will come and meet Annabelle before she goes off to kindergarten…


We are supposed to have beautiful weather again today (upper 50’s…yes that is beautiful for this time of year), so I planto get in a few miles and take AB for a long walk.  Have a great Sunday!

What are your plans for today?

Run, walk with Annabelle, and hopefully a nap!

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