No coat Sunday!

I started yesterday morning off with a 4 mile run.  Before I headed out, I ate a Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna bar.  This thing is delicious…a good combination of salty and sweet.

This run did not go well.  I’m sure I was tired from Saturday’s 8 mile run, but my right quad was really tight and as soon as I started running I had a sharp pain/ cramp on my right side.  This did not happen while running before or during pregnancy, so I really hope that it is just my body getting used to running again and that it won’t last long.  I had to walk it out a few times and then just run through it before it finally felt better, but not completely gone.  Don’t be fooled by this picutre…I am not a happy camper.  However, I am happy with my recent purchase of Oakley Women’s sunglasses.  They are super cute, but they are also very light and easy to run in…I can’t stand to run with the sun in my eyes.


After my horrible and I am never running again run, I decided to do Insanity’s Cardio Abs.  This is a workout that we missed the first week because it is on the same disk as another workout.  It was only about 16 minutes long but very challenging.


I finally ate lunch around 2:30…this time change really affected me for some reason.  I had the crockpot leftovers with green beans and a chobani yogurt.  I think I have eaten as much of that as I can…

011 012

I was finally able to go on a walk with AB and she didn’t have to be bundled up like Ralph’s little brother…if you don’t know what this means, please watch the 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” next Christmas.  She was so happy to have gone outside!

014 016

We tried out a new restaurant for dinner.  It was OK, but not anything special.  We each started with a cup of cream of crab soup and it was pretty tasty.  I ordered a strawberry chicken salad that had chicken, strawberries, cucumbers, and candied walnuts.  Chris ordered a steak and crabcake with salad and a baked potato.

025 027 026

We were both exhausted so as soon as Annabelle crashed, so did we.  I was hoping for a nice 4-5 hour sleep, but AB was awake after 2 :(.

What do you think?

Favorite Luna Bar flavor?

Lemon Zest is pretty good.

Did you have nice weather yesterday?  How did you enjoy it?

A run and a walk.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Glad to hear Flip is treating you well.

    Ashley @Chobani


  1. […] plan to start tomorrow off with a run on the trail and I’m hoping it goes better than my last run.  The baby is sleeping, so good night and see you in the […]

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