Final preparations and COOKIES!

As soon as I woke up today, I felt overwhelmingly stressed.  Go figure, I’m off work for a few months and I still find things to stress about :-(.

I decided to start the day off with waffles and the first waffle stuck because of what I did the other day…  Once I sprayed it with some cooking spray, things went better.  I made Chris plain waffles and then added some blueberries to the batter for mine.


After breakfast we did some more organizing, laundry, and tried to keep Annabelle happy.  It wasn’t working at this moment.


I made some time to fit in a run and I did 5.5 miles at around a 9:13 pace…still no where near my old pace, but an improvement from last week.  I went on this run to relieve some stress and I ended up more stressed!  Two dogs came running down the street and they looked delighted to be out and about.  I am an animal lover and did not want them to get hit by a car, so I ran after them and finally caught one of them long enough to see the phone number on the collar.  I called the owner and left her a voicemail but I couldn’t just leave the dogs out there…so I called Chris to come with the car so we could take them home.  As soon as Chris found me running through people’s yards chasing these dogs, the owners pulled up in their car and got them.  At least it was a happy ending and the pups are home safe now.

When I got home from my not so relaxing run, I had some turkey with multigrain pita chips and guacamole.


I felt the need for a little bit more of a workout, so I did a 20 minute WOD.

10 pushups

20 burpees

15 floor skis

30 mountain climbers

40 squat jumps

50 second plank

I repeated the circuit 4 times and it took me about 20 minutes.  Quick way to break a sweat and get a good workout in.

My mom came over tonight to help out…here is a quick recap of our night.

Dinner – leftover cheesy brussels sprouts with sausage (I added in another bag of brussels sprouts to the leftovers from yesterday) and sweet potato fries.


Annabelle wasn’t happy that we were eating dinner without her, so she had to be held while we ate.


My mom spruced up the guest bathroom for our family coming into town this weekend :).


We made lots of cookies for the party on Saturday.  My house smells amazing!

008 009

What do you think?

How do you relieve stress?

Did you run today?

Cookies from a tub or from scratch?



  1. u gotta be happy with improvement for where u are now, and don’t stress too much about the paces of the past. u’ll get back there, it’ll just take some time…patience stinks but it always pays off! 🙂
    yummy!! blueberry waffels will always make me smile…and hungry. 😉

  2. Hey Linda- what is a burpee and ski? and mountain climber?? Thanks!

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