Annabelle’s first day of work.

Long story short…Annabelle was a bit fussy last night and didn’t go to bed until way late.  I was super exhausted and could not pull myself out of bed to make it to yoga (it was a busy day and I had to get it in early if it was going to happen.)  I know I’m a little nuts, but I really HATE missing a workout.  My whole day is just off…you know what I mean, right?  Anyway, we had a full day of visiting scheduled today.

Breakfast on the run…lots of protein and it tastes candy bar-ish.


First, we visited my work so I could introduce AB to all of my coworkers.  They were so helpful and patient with me for those 9 months and I know that they would appreciate meeting her.  Annabelle felt very official because she had her very own badge.


We spent a few hours visiting and I was very happy to see my coworkers…it was great being at work without having to do any work :).

Our next stop was to visit my friend Nakiya who had a beautiful baby boy about a month ago.  I forgot to take a picture, but trust me when I say he is adorable and Annabelle has added him to her future boyfriend list.

Since I had only eaten breakfast, I was super hungry for dinner.  Here is an unappetizing picture of a turkey burger on an english muffin with chips and guacamole on the side…you’re welcome.


Annabelle was very tired from her day of visiting…my dad thought it would be rude to make her nap alone so he joined her.  I think my parents really enjoy that I’m showing the world how photogenic they are :).


John, Emmy, Kenzie, and Morgan will be here tomorrow night!  So excited for them to meet Annabelle.  They are driving up from the Sunshine State, so let’s hope that they bring some warm weather with them!

What do you think?

Do you feel bad when you miss a workout?

Without a doubt…

Does it feel like Spring where you live?

No way!  It is bitterly cold and windy.


  1. Your fathers very young looking!

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