Celebrating the marriage of John and Emmy!

Yesterday, I hosted a party to celebrate John and Emmy’s marriage :-).

Since they had a small (and quite lovely) ceremony in November, they decided to have a party to celebrate the wedding with friends and family that could not attend.  We spent the morning prepping and decorating…and trying to keep the boys from eating everything.

The spread included:

Chili and cornbread


Chick-fil-A chicken


Chips and dips – 5 layer, guacamole, buffalo chicken


Veggie platter, m&ms, combos, mixed nuts


Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes, brownies and cookies made from scratch store bought mixes – you need to try these cupcakes…they deliver 🙂


The Bride and Groom!  and Morgan


My mom’s side of the family –

From left to right:  Back row – Me, Mom, Ronnie, Joan, and Janice

Front row – Molly


Annabelle got all dressed up for the party.  She was a big hit!


009 010 016 013

AB was tired out after a long day of visiting.  She loves sleeping on Poppy.


We had a great day with family and friends…and awesome food!  Congrats, Emmy and John!


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