Trip to Washington DC

On Wednesday, we took a trip to DC.  Kenzie and Morgan had never been and they were excited to see the Nation’s capital in person.  Annabelle was excited as well.

003 005

Our first stop was the Holocaust Museum.  The museum has a “main exhibition” that is 3 floors and covers before the war, during the war, and the aftermath.  Before you enter, everyone pics up a small booklet.  Each booklet highlights one person and describes their experience.  The last page of the booklet describes what happened to each person and sadly, many did not survive.  The exhibit is full of great information, but it was hard to read everything because it was very crowded.  Although it was a very sad time in history, I’m glad that we went and got to experience it.

If you plan on visiting the Holocaust Museum, check ahead and see if they are still selling tickets to the main exhibition.  On the day that we went, they were not selling anymore passes and actually didn’t have any available until June.  We were very lucky and were given complimentary passes from a very nice lady that worked there.

Next, we visited the Natural History museum.  We were all starving when we arrived, so we headed straight to the cafateria for a late lunch.  I ordered a turkey sandwich, grapes, and a small drink and my total was $18.10…  Annabelle thought it was funny that we had to pay for lunch since she always eats for free :).

009 014

Kenzie and Morgan had fun checking out the musuem.

Next, we took a cold and windy walk to see the White House.  Cars are not allowed to drive along this road, but they allow people to walk along this fence in order to get a glimpse of the President’s home.

025 022

After the White House, we walked back to the mall to see the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

029 031

Even though it was cold and windy and I couldn’t feel my hands or my face, it was a great day and it was fun to see Morgan and Kenzie experience it for the first time.  🙂

Since AB was such a good baby all day long, we rewarded her with a cookies and cream milkshake from Chick-fil-A.


Morgan also enjoyed a milkshake…at least the part of it that actually made it in her mouth :).


Twinner day #2…I can never pass up a really soft sweathshirt on sale.


John, Emmy, and the girls left this morning :(.  It was really great to spend a week with them and I loved having the company.  The house is so quiet now, please come back soon!

What do you think?

Ever been to DC?

Do you like museums?


  1. Emmy Ketterman says:

    Great read!! It makes me smile! We had such an awesome time and will miss you all very much! Great memories were made :)) lots of laughs and good times :)) we will definitely be back soon! We might fly next time! Haha love you!!

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