Happy Easter!

I spent the morning with 40 other yogis at Bikram yoga class.  Since I sweat off about 5 pounds this morning, I will not feel bad about the bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs I’m about to consume.

Daddy dressed Annabelle while I was gone.  If he dresses her, you can be sure she will be wearing Orioles or Ravens gear.


We all got pretty and headed to dinner with my parents and my cousin Carrie (also known as AB’s Aunt CK).

004 006 008 012

Chris seems to have been sporting a semi-mohawk today :).

My parents bought Annabelle a big stuffed duck for Easter and AB enjoyed using it as a pillow enough time for me to get a good picture.


And then happy time was over…


I hope everyone had a great day!  I’m off to eat candy for the rest of the night :).

What do you think?

Did you make dinner today?

Did you buy a new Easter outfit for your little ones?

Absolutely!  Daddy did a great job picking out her dress, sweater, and socks.  He went to Gymboree and didn’t look at the price tags…needless to say he was floored when he got to the register.  She will be wearing this weekly until it no longer fits.



  1. olivetorun says:

    I’m hoping to make a hot yoga class this week! My body NEEDS it!

  2. Yes!!! I actually went injury free for a long time when I was doing Bikram almost everyday.

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