Happy 30th Birthday, Buck!

Today was a great day!  We spent the afternoon at Oriole Park celebrating Buck’s 30th birthday!  It was a beautiful afternoon spent with great company.

Happy Birthday Buck!  His beautiful wife Jen is on his right…thanks for the great day!  Also in the pic:  Kim (front row) and Andrea, Michele, and Val (back row).  P.S.  Thanks for the picture Michele 🙂

Before the game, we hung out at a local bar.  Since the Oriole’s were awesome last year, everyone is pretty excited about this season and the games have been pretty crowded.


Once we went into the stadium, everyone headed straight to the “All You Can Eat” concession stand.  Our seats were awesome because they were on the Club Level and included all you can eat hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, peanuts, soft drinks, and ice cream.


Chris jumped in with both feet :-).  Our friend Nick is that blur in the background…I think he was headed for more hot dogs.


Somebody, who will not be named, consumed 7 hotdogs!  🙂

The weather was as good as you could ask for in Maryland in early April…sunny and about 65 degrees.

025 026

Chris hooked me up with this new hat for the game :).


Thanks again for the great day Buck and Jen!  Happy Birthday Buck!

Here is a picture of Annabelle…just because she is cute.



Since today was a rest day, I am looking forward to tomorrow morning’s workout!

Jillian Michaels posted this on Facebook today….and it is so true!


What do you think?

Do you have a big birthday coming up?

Nope, I hit the big 3-0 last year.

What did you do this weekend?

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