90 degree weather = Fro Yo!

Today was a hot one.  It’s almost 10 p.m. and it is still 82 degrees outside…and 87 degrees on the 3rd floor of my house.  I am in no way complaining, I am so ready for summer :).  I run much better when I can feel my feet and hands.

Since I had a nice run last night, I decided to just do yoga today…I think I may have finally gotten the idea to not run everyday which leads to over training which leads to injury.  It felt extra warm in the room today and I cannot seem to quench my thirst.

Annabelle is pretty happy to finally be able to show off her arms and legs now that the weather has turned…and it is way too hot in our house to wear pants.  Look at that stomach… 🙂


I didn’t feel like cooking, so my mom and I decided to get Panera Bread for dinner.  I had a pick two with the Spinach Power Salad and a new sandwich that had turkey, white cheddar, onions, and apples.  BTW,  If you’ve never had the iced green tea at Panera, please try it.


Annabelle was just happy to be in some AC.


I have been doing really well with avoiding dessert this past week, but tonight I just couldn’t do it.  Sweet Frog was calling my name and I enjoyed every bit of this baby.  I stick with the healthy toppings…mini chocolate chips, mini oreos, and rainbow sprinkles.


What do you think?

Are you a dessert person?

When was the last time you had fro yo?

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