Enjoying every moment.

Two weeks from today will be my first day back to work…since January 11th.  I am trying to enjoy every minute of these last two weeks…I am so not ready to be away from this smiling face all day long.


We had a lazy morning just hanging out.  Annabelle is always so happy in the mornings. 🙂  Chris and AB dropped me off at yoga class and they went shopping.  I unfortunately didn’t receive any presents… For some reason, Chris sets off the alarms every time he walks into stores…it is really strange.  I drove home and he enjoyed a nap in the car…LOL.  I’m sure he is going to love this picture.


When we got home we tried taking a little nap, but Annabelle was all about laughing and playing in her rainforest.  She also enjoyed some hanging with daddy time.

005 006


I bought new Reebok’s at the outlets yesterday, so I was excited to hit the gym and try them out.  I also bought Annabelle the most adorable pair of infant Reebok’s…they are in her room and she is sleeping so I will post a picture tomorrow. 🙂


I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 3500 meters on the rowing machine and headed home to eat dinner and rock Annabelle to sleep.  She was in her crib by 9 pm and will hopefully sleep until 5 or 6.  🙂


Tomorrow is a long run day!  My half marathon is in about 5 weeks!

What do you think?

How many pairs of running/training shoes do you have?

Are you running tomorrow?


  1. Annabelle is ADORABLE! Good luck at work. I stay at home, but my friends that do it said the first week is toughest then it’s easy peasy. LOVE infant shoes. Just got my babe some New Balances! I wish I could fit in them!

    • Aww, thank you! That’s so great that you get to stay home with your little one :-). Thanks for the advice, I’m sure the first day will be super tough but I’ll get used to it. Baby shoes are the cutest aren’t they??? Thanks for reading!

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