Two workouts are always better than one!

Getting up this morning was a struggle, but I managed to only leave 10 minutes later than usual…5:55 this morning.  Yes, it is brutal.  Once I got on the highway I was greeted by this…


Just in case you didn’t notice…that says 0 mph (meaning it was safe for me to take this picture because I was at a complete stop).  I’m happy to report that this traffic was not due to an accident…it was construction.

I happily fit in two workouts today :).  I took a body pump class during lunch…

…and hit the gym after work.


As always, I never regret a workout and 2 workouts are always better than just 1!

Today’s meals included:

Overnight Oats with granola and blueberries for breakfast

Veggies and a PR Bar for lunch

Chicken and broccoli for dinner

Edy’s Light Cookies and Cream for dessert (not pictured because it is embarrassing how much I eat at a sitting ;-P)


In case you couldn’t tell, I just downloaded Pic Stitch and I am having way too much fun with it.

As always, the best part of my day was coming home to AB.


She was super happy and smiling tonight…until I tried to feed her oatmeal again.  She screamed and shook her hands like she does after getting shots…so sad.  Needless to say, she is not liking this whole oatmeal thing.

What do you think?

What was your workout today?

Mom’s out there…when did your baby start eating “food”?  Did he or she take a while to get used to it?


  1. Wow. Cannot believe you squeezed in two workouts. Amazing. Plus you ate a ton of great food. Oh, and AB is adorable!

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