Fun Things Friday!

Happy long weekend everybody!

1.  1 year ago today we found out we were expecting this little bundle of joy. 🙂


2.  It’s a long holiday weekend of relaxing and barbecuing with friends.

3.  I ordered a few things from Amazon and I am excited for them to arrive.

Spi Belt – I really like to have my phone with me now (what good is a blogger without a camera!), so I wanted something to carry it (and chapstick)  in.

SPIbelt - Small Personal Item Belt - Great for Runners! (Black w/ Light Pink Zipper)

Foam Roller – I really need a new one of these…I have too much muscle majoy annoying pains stuff going on.

Exervo Nimbus EnduraBead Pro Foam Roller 18" x 6" Full Round

Motherlove More Milk Plus – My supply has gone way down since I started exercising, so I’m hoping this will help.

MotherLove More Milk Plus Vegetarian 60 caps

4. I got to spend more time with Annabelle this morning…at 3:30 am.  Good thing she is so cute!


5. I get to see geese families walking around work each day.  As I was pulling in the parking lot this morning, there was a large family taking a walk.  I tried to hurry and get a good picture, but this is what I ended up with. Look closely, the babies are there. 😉


What plans do you have this weekend?

Anybody doing a race?

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