A $44 bra and we have a roller!

I have yet to witness this, but Annabelle can now roll from her back to her stomach! Chris said that he put her down on her back on her play mat and then she was on her stomach on the carpet! She is growing up way too fast…


Since Chris spends all day with her, he considers himself a #1 Dad. Yes, he bought this for himself.


Yesterday’s workouts:

1. 3.5 mile run and 10 minutes on the elliptical: I ran at lunch time and it was very warm and humid. I only did a few miles to see how everything was feeling. I have a half on Saturday and I’m praying that nothing major starts hurting. This has happened way too often :-(.

2. Bikram yoga class: It was an awesome sweaty class but I forgot to bring anything to wear. Skipping class was not an option, so I found a pair of capris in my car and bought a bra from the studio. Yup, $44 later and I was the proud owner of a new one-shoulder blue yoga top. I usually wear my running sports bras so this one (which is made for yoga and would not be good for high impact activities) made me feel very stylish and professional.

It looks really similar to this one.


Molly is feeling a little left out since AB gets pictures posted everyday. Here you go Molly…She was a sleepy pup after playing outside in the heat.


What’s your workout today?
Anybody racing this weekend?


  1. I hate when I forget to pack my stuff…it’s such a bummer
    I am running in the Niagara Falls Women’s 1/2 marathon on Sunday…please pray for better weather – right now they are still calling for thunderstorms during it 😦

    • Good luck this weekend! I’ll pray for some nice weather for you! It sounds like it would be a pretty course to run. I hope you have a great race :-).

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