Happy 5 months Annabelle!

I can’t believe she is already 5 months old! We are very fortunate to have a happy and healthy baby girl.


She had a great day because she finally got to meet this bird we are always talking about. BTW, Chris didn’t even smile this big on our wedding day. LOL.


In honor of AB’s 5 month birthday…

I got up before 5 and went to the 6 am Bikram class.


I took a body pump class during lunch and I did 500 squats.

I microwaved my Amy’s lunch for 5 minutes.


I made a 5 ingredient omelette for dinner…zucchini, squash, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese. Having half of an avocado with my omelette was the best decision of my day.


I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I added milk chocolate chips AND white chocolate chips. I will eat 5 of them tonight. JK, I won’t. 🙂



On Saturday, I will double 5 miles while running the Baltimore 10 Miler.


Are you racing this weekend?

Cookies/pastries or ice cream?


  1. olivetorun says:

    Adorable! Happy birthday Annabelle!! ❤
    Good luck with your race! My first was a 10 miler and I LOVED it!! Can't wait to hear about it!

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