Random Fun Stuff

I ran 10 miles on Saturday morning and I had some pretty fast (for me) miles. We did “pick ups” and ran at a semi-comfortable pace for a mile and then picked it up as much as we could for a mile. On my pick up miles, I managed to run between 7:10 and 7:30.

My run was followed by a massage and haircut at the spa. Happy early birthday to me!

My mom watched Annabelle while I was gone. I’m so lucky to have her.


We went to our favorite place for brunch on Sunday. I got eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast. I usually get fruit instead of bacon, but they didn’t have any this week.


I bought this awesome cooler bag to take on vacation next week. I LOVE bags of any kind.

Healthy eats!


Annabelle actually ate some bananas!

My mom took me shopping at Athleta for my birthday. I got a bathing suit, running skirt and shirt, and two pairs of socks. Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is? 🙂

Annabelle has a pretty large head…which means she has a big brain right? Her 6 month appointment went great and she is ready to ride in the jogging stroller. I am so excited!


Tell me something fun about your Tuesday!

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