I’m still here! Please keep reading :-)

Life has been a little challenging since we got home from vacation…

1. Chris woke up feeling sick on Saturday and he has been very sick ever since. 😦

2. Chris is Annabelle’s daytime caregiver, so we needed some help this week. Lexie and my parents…you guys are awesome.
3. AB’s sleep schedule is still a little off from being on vacation.

4. The house is a mess…vacation laundry, baby laundry, just random crap everywhere.

That is my way of saying that being a wife and mom will always be my first priority and I blog when there is extra time. I know you all have been losing sleep over my infrequent posting ;-). But have no fear, I’ve still fit in some workouts and healthy eating.

Cybex elliptical for 40 minutes

Body pump class

Elliptical for 40 minutes
Abs for 10 minutes

Body pump class

A few eats from this week…



Please send Chris some “get healthy” thoughts!

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