My addiction…

My addiction to ice cream is out of control. Each night I declare, “I’m not eating ice cream anymore!” Once the next day rolls around, I’ve forgotten all about that declaration. This happened last night at 9:30…


Thank goodness I got in a good run during lunch yesterday. We did 5.6 miles at about an 8 minute pace. I have a 5k coming up at the end of August, so I’ve decided to focus on that and work on my speed this month. I reaaaally like running longer distances, but I’m curious to see what my time will be for a 5k race.

Before all of the ice cream, I managed to eat healthy meals. 🙂
Salad and yogurt with granola.


I’m still deciding if Jamie Lee Curtis knows what she’s talking about…

Today’s workout will most likely be spinning or running and maybe a short WOD of push ups, squats, sit ups, and overhead lifts. I’ve really been getting the itch to try Crossfit lately…

Ice cream? Addiction or casual water?

Anybody do Crossfit?


  1. ice cream is my major addiction too 😦

  2. Ugh…my problem is that I literally eat entire 2 L tubs of ice cream 😦 And I’m NOT a runner or exerciser. In fact all I do is walk…I’m dealing with a lot of chronic fatigue and muscular issues and have no idea how to start things…no idea. So I really want to go out and get a pint of those coconut milk ice creams, but know I’ll eat it all at 10 pm along with a million other things (I tend to “binge’ very late night…and since I don’t exercise…and in my 30’s…I’m just a mess 😦
    You can eat ice cream every day and night…you are young , a mama, even if you didn’t run, you are go-go…me…not so much..i’m a wreck…would email u or ask u to email me with advice…but I guess i’m stuck in lost land…

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