A messy eater and a great reason to get ice cream today!

Yesterday’s workout was spin class (which was super challenging) followed by an AMRAP of the following for 10 minutes:

– 10 burpees with push ups
– 10 clean and presses
– 10 squats with bar
– 10 tricep dips
– plank at the end of last set

It was definitely a well spent lunch hour! I was starving when I got back to my desk so I ate my chicken salad sandwich and grapes right away. Look at the size of these grapes!

Annabelle had bananas for lunch…I hope she isn’t this sloppy of an eater when she starts dating. Never mind, she isn’t allowed to date…ever. 🙂


If you are feeling the need for a sweet treat today, give in and get yourself to Dairy Queen. Today is Miracle Treat Day and DQ will donate $1 of each Blizzard sale to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. 🙂


Happy Thursday!

What is your favorite blizzard flavor?
Oreo made with chocolate vanilla swirl 🙂

What is on your workout agenda today?

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