Negative splits and new running clothing.

Since I got a pedicure during lunch yesterday…

…I got my run in after work. What makes any run more fun, new clothes of course (bday present from my parents…thanks Mom and Dad)! My top, skort, and socks (Feetures brand) are all from Athleta. I ❤ everything from there.

I ran 5.6 semi-hilly and super humid miles and I felt like I was going to die by the end.

I’ve been working on my speed and I managed mostly negative splits and mile 4 was a 7:19 pace! No wonder I was ready to collapse at the end. 🙂

After I stretched and foam rolled, my Dad, AB, and I went to dinner at Chris’ work. I had the turkey club wrap with sweet potato fries.

Since we were in walking distance to a homemade ice cream shop, I went home with a quart of cookies and cream and enjoyed a small bowl half of the container while watching Big Brother.

Are you running today? How far?

Friday night plans?


  1. That wrap looks really good. Why is it that sandwiches/wraps NEVER get old? at least for me they don’t!

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