Hard workout Friday = Rest and eat too much Saturday

Friday’s Workout: X-fit class

7 rounds of…

7 push-ups
7 G2O (ground to overheads…I used a bar with 30 lbs)
7 kettle bell arm pulls
7 band walks
7 burpees
7 kettle bell swings
7 twisting lunges

Let me tell you, I was so tired and so sweaty after this one. April knows what I’m talking about :-). After the workout, we did a killer ab circuit including crunches, leg lifts, bridges, and planks.

On Friday night, Chris and I took advantage of Restaurant Week and went to Christopher Daniels for dinner. The menu included 4 courses for $30. I ordered a chopped salad, scallops with spinach and bacon, gnocchi with veggies, and a peanut butter cookie sundae. I took pictures, but the only one that really turned out well is this one of the bread.

All of the food was great, but the portions were very small :-(.

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling pretty tired and sore. At least I caught a glimpse of a pretty sunrise as I was praying for AB to go back to sleep…

I took yesterday as an exercise rest day and a full on eating marathon day :-). BTW, I’m feeling it right now and I can’t wait to go hit the pavement.

Yup, this happened…mid-day. A crazy cookie sundae for me and a mint mallow sundae for my mom!

AB was pretty happy even though she didn’t get any ice cream.


Happy Sunday!

Sunday plans? Workout or rest day?

Is today an ice cream eating day? 🙂


  1. I need that sundae!!! YUM

    • OMG, it was so good! Cookie dough ice cream on the bottom, cookies and cream in the middle, and vanilla on top. All topped with Oreos, hot fudge, and whipped cream!

      Sent from my iPhone


  1. […] my eating marathon on Saturday, I was more than ready to hit the pavement on Sunday. I headed out with a plan to do 6-7 miles and […]

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