3 reasons why today will be awesome…and random nonsense.

1. The weather is gorgeous! Mid 70s and no humidity!

2. Annabelle slept from 9 to 5:30! PS she has been waking up twice a night this past week and it was no fun.

3. I am running during my lunch break today and I will not get heat stroke!


Just in case you were wondering about my ice cream addiction…this happened last night. I didn’t have enough ice cream left, so I had to improvise. 🙂

(Ok, I’m all over the place today…)

Annabelle loves this hippo. She plays a lullaby and AB smiles at her and hugs her…and tries to eat her face off.


We are moving offices this week and I found all of this plus 3 bath towels in my cube!


I have very exciting news to share with you soon! And no, I’m not having more babies yet.

Tell me something fun or random about your day!

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