A successful run, a bday present, and a disappointing dessert.

Yesterday was a successful training day! We did 5 easy miles at around an 8:15 pace. It was very hot and humid so those 5 miles did not feel as easy as they should have. Here’s the plan for today:

Your Workouts for Thursday, August 22
Workout #1: 7 MILES LSD
Type: Run
Planned Distance: 7.0 miles
Description: Today is your long, slow distance (LSD) run. The long run is the backbone of any successful training program. It builds your aerobic base, increases your endurance, boosts confidence, and helps you rehearse some of the gear and fuel strategies you’ll need for the race. It also helps you prepare for the psychological challenge of racing for a few hours. Since you’ll be running farther, you can go out slower than you usually do. On these days your goal is just to complete the distance feeling good.
Pre-Activity Comments:

It’s another humid day out today, so we’ll see how it goes.
When I got home from work last night, I found a nice surprise…a birthday present from my brother John and his wife Emmy! It’s an Origami Owl locket with the letters A and B and and a heart with 2 little pink feet. Love it! PS My bday was in July, but feel free to send me presents at any time. 🙂

After dinner, I realized that I didn’t have enough ice cream left…just unacceptable in my book. To solve the problem, my mom and I went to Wendy’s for Oreo parfaits.

Looks are deceiving…the vanilla frosty was good but the chocolate sauce tasted funny and I do not believe the cookies were actually Oreos. I know my cookies and they just didn’t taste right. 😦

What is your run for today?
Best dessert you have ever had?

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