Half marathon training tips from Bart Yasso!

Yesterday afternoon, I listened in on a Google+ Hangout featuring Bart Yasso (running royalty!) and Summer Sanders (Olympic gold medalist!).


The chat was all about training and best practices for the half marathon distance. Since I’m doing a half in October and I really want to improve my time, I listened and took notes!



Bart’s Advice on Training

***You really only need 3 quality days of running per week!
– one 8-12 mile long run meant for ENDURANCE, not speed
– one speed/hill/tempo workout
– one run at HMP (half marathon pace) Warmup 15 minutes, run 5-6 miles at HMP, cool down for 15 minutes.

***Recovery runs must be done at an easy pace to avoid injury.

***The other 4 days of the week can be rest days, cross training days, or easy run days.

Summer Sanders, who is an awesome swimmer and now an awesome runner, also discussed her thoughts on training and her upcoming goals. She will be running the hat trick and giving a seminar on women’s running at the Runner’s World Half and Festival in October. If you want to run this race too, you can get 10% off with the below promo codes!


Thanks for the tips Bart and Summer :-).

Highlight of the day…look who is now following me on Twitter!


Do you have any half marathon training advice?

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