What’s with the auto pause??

Yesterday at work, I plugged in my Garmin so it would be ready for my lunch time run.

Once I got outside, found the satellites, and hit start, my Garmin auto paused after one second. I could not figure out how to fix it, and had to run without it :-(. How do I turn this setting off???? Anyways, my friend Serge and I did 6.3 miles at around an 8:10 pace. It was a beautiful day for a run.

After I got back to my desk, I had a lunch of champions…Mac and cheese and yogurt with granola.


I went wild for dinner and got Subway. It’s Subtember and you can get most foot longs for $5! I went with ham and turkey with spinach, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Annabelle had her favorite dinner of banana and pumpkin. 🙂

After dinner, me, AB, and Molly took a walk around the neighborhood. Annabelle is finally starting to enjoy the Baby Bjorn.

The evening ended with a blogger video call and 2 Subway chocolate chip cookies. Oh yea, and since Annabelle was up half the night, I watched Big Brother at 4:30 this morning.

How do I fix my Garmin?

What kind of sub do you get from Subway?