Ready to Experience…Raleigh, NC

Annabelle and I spent last weekend visiting my # 1 fans in Raleigh, NC. We had so much fun with Lauren and Rob and Shugie (Annabelle’s new nickname…I’ll explain later) loved all of the attention. She was so excited the whole time that she didn’t event want to sleep. :-/

Friday was a long day because I got to work at 6 am, Chris picked me up from work at 2:30, we went to the airport, and we were in the air by a little after 5.

Annabelle slept almost the entire plane ride, which was only about an hour. Don’t let her fool you, she was very excited to get there.

Friday night was spent hanging out, eating dinner, drinking wine, and eating ice cream. 🙂



Saturday morning started bright and early because that’s how Annabelle rolls.

Lauren made us breakfast of pancakes (plain and chocolate chip) and eggs. It may not look that great, but it tasted great. Any KD Rams still have that coffee mug?

We spent the rest of the day at the pool. All of the pools in Maryland and Pennsylvania close after Labor Day, but Raleigh held onto summer for one more weekend.


Annabelle just couldn’t handle all of the fun.

While she was napping, I took a trip down the water slide. Very flattering picture, thanks Rob.

Saturday night was another night of just hanging out. Yes, we are old and boring but that’s how I like it. 🙂

Sunday morning breakfast was Stuffed French Toast! We tried out some new flavors…pumpkin spice bread stuffed with a cream cheese and peanut butter mixture.

And sourdough bread stuffed with Jif’s Chocolate Peanut Butter whipped spread and blueberries.

We relaxed for a while after breakfast and me and Annabelle took a nap on the porch. A little while later, we took Mason for a walk and headed out to lunch.

We had lunch at the Nantucket Grill and I will just skip right to the good stuff. Cake the size of my daughter’s head! We tried the strawberry shortcake and the chocolate fudge.



Shortly after lunch, it was time to pack up and head home :-(. Mason helped to babysit while I did the packing.


Right before we left for the airport, Lauren and Shugie performed the song they had been working so hard on.  It’s about my love for huge bowls of ice cream… 


Those two had a lot of fun together <3.
It was a really nice weekend and I’m so glad that I got to spend time with my BFF. With such a short and easy flight to Raleigh, we will be doing this more often.


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