My weekend in pictures!

Lunch at Panera Bread with Marissa. I ordered the new roasted turkey and wheat berry salad.


Mani/pedi with my mom 🙂

Annabelle’s “Popeye” face ❤

Pizza for dinner! FACT: If you put veggies on pizza, it makes it super healthy.

10 miler PR! I finished in first place…out of 4 people!

Pumpkin Spice Bagels…umm, yes please.

Ravens game!


Cuban party for Kirstyn’s bday! The food was amazing! Here is a picture of her planking on her old car. LOL. Remember when planking was the in thing to do?


What was the best part of your weekend??


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  2. I love Panera! Asian Chicken salad is my fave! Is that a green tea I see?? Congratulations on your 10 miler!

  3. I am jealous you have been to a NFL game! My favorite team (Miami Dolphins) are no where near where I live (Utah). Also, who wants to be a Broncos fan? Not me. Anyways I have enjoyed reading your blog! You are SUPER speedy, maybe one day I will get there.

    • Hi Tim! I agree, who wants to be a Broncos fan???? I hope your Dolphins can have a good season :). I don’t feel super speedy but thanks for thinking so! Thanks for reading!

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