New shoes!!!

This morning started in a great way…with one of these.


You should definitely try these ASAP.

After a long weekend getaway, I was more than ready for a run today.  I headed out with Serge and then Lisa met up with us (she went out early and did 4 miles before we started).  It was the perfect day for a run.

Lisa and Serge last week (on Serge’s 64th birthday!)


6.3 miles at a 7:42 pace



We warmed up for 2.25 miles and then picked up the pace for .75 miles.  We used mile 4 as an easy mile and picked up the pace for miles 5 and 6.  The last .38 was a cool down at a 7:55 pace.

Instead of wearing my usual Brooks Pure Flow 2s, I tried out these beauties that came in the mail last week.


These shoes are made by Altra Zero Drop and they are called The One.  Zero Drop Footwear is the world’s first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoe without an elevated heel.  This platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient and comfortable ride.   The main feature of these shoes are that the forefoot and the heel are the same distance from the ground.

This unique shoe is designed to reduce:

forefoot pain, shin splints, runner’s knee, excessive pronation, and IT band pain.


Things I really liked about this shoe:



-lots of room in the toe area (I ALWAYS get blisters and these felt great.)

-supportive and minimal at the same time

Since I have a history of stress fractures and numerous other running injuries, I am nervous about having a shoe with minimal cushioning. To start, I will use these for short, easy runs to get used to them and then go from there.  But as for my first impression, I think these are really great shoes!

Check out the website and see what they have to offer!

What kind of shoes do you run in?  Do you always stick to the same kind?


  1. I started running in the Mizuno Wave Rider series and swore by those shoes for a couple of years. However, had a bad experience with the Wave Rider 14’s, switched to the Asics gel Nimbus and haven’t looked back since. All my shoes are currently Asics.

    I ALMOST bought the Altra’s during my last shoe buy, BUT, ended up staying with the Gel-Nimbus instead.

    • When I started running, I used Asics for a long time. They are really great shoes. I am currently in love with the Brooks Pure Flow 2s but the Altra’s were pretty nice!

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