Running Apps

I have been using the Map My Run+ app for a while now and it is great for keeping track of distance, time, and splits.  It also has a built in camera that allows me to take awesome pics like this one.


While I really like this app, I am super excited to try a new one…iFit!  iFit is really cool because it collects all of your workout data (time, distance, speed, pace, and elevation) and everything is stored all in one place.  By downloading the iFit running app, you can track your indoor and outdoor workouts and all of your workout data will automatically upload to your iFit account.


When beginning a run, you can choose quick start and the app will just track whatever workout you end up doing.  You can also choose to run based on Time…




and Calories.


Another really cool feature is that you can take any outdoor workout inside by using iFit ready treadmills.  PS The Boston Marathon Treadmill is the Lamborghini of treadmills and it is IFit ready….I would love to have one in my basement for when the weather looks like this.


Do you use a running app?  Which one?

I can’t wait to try iFit on my lunch time run tomorrow :).

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