It was a double bath kind of day.

Today was a Body Pump day and I upped my weight for the back track and the squats.  I sweat more than usual and I was absolutely starving after class.

Chicken and Veggies and Chobani with granola for lunch



Banana and peanut butter for afternoon snack


Now, this may gross some of you out, but if you have children or are expecting a child, you will appreciate this story.  I of course thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious because I was at work and did not have to deal with it. 🙂

I received this picture with the caption, “I pooped.”  She sure looks pleased with herself.


This one went up her back and there was no saving the outfit.  At least she got to wear it for a few hours :-/.  Chris then had to give her two baths.  The first bath was to get the initial stuff off.  He then had to clean the tub before giving her a second bath where she finally got clean.  She was happy, clean, and poop free by the time I got home!

I think this picture is so funny…she looks like she is posing and she isn’t wearing pants because Daddy couldn’t find any that fit.


To go along with this umm…theme, go check out this post from Cori.  🙂

Did anything funny happen during your day?


  1. Hilarious… I love that last picture of her too.. just chillin’. 😉

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