Chris’ Birthday Beach Weekend!

On Friday night, we headed down to Ocean City for the weekend. Chris’ birthday was yesterday, so we decided to spend his bday weekend at the beach. 🙂

Annabelle and I went for a 6 mile run on Saturday morning…this happened during mile 5.  BTW, she held onto that toy the entire time.


We went over to Nick and Kim’s place on Saturday evening to celebrate Nick’s bday which was on Sunday.  Annabelle was riding the dog (Abbey) like a horse…which is frowned upon in this establishment!  LOL


Annabelle’s “game face”.  She looks like she was smelling a poor Raven’s performance coming…


Watching the game at Harpoon Hannahs which is one of our favorite spots.  Annabelle giving Nick kisses…or trying to eat his face.  ❤



She fought hard, but fell asleep during the second quarter.


Fast forward to Monday night (Chris’ actual bday).  We ate dinner at Andy Nelson’s and then ate ice cream cake and cookies while watching Homeland.  Thanks for the cookies Marissa!


Molly stayed at the kennel and had doggy daycare while we were at the beach.  She was exhausted and didn’t leave the bed the entire night.


Ice cream cake or regular cake?



  1. Both!!!!😃

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