Lots of Running Stuff!

I’ve been having some pretty good runs lately! 

Friday’s run was 8 semi-hilly miles with an average pace of 7:45.


We drove to the beach on Friday night, so Saturday’s run was an easy 6 miles overlooking the bay.  Annabelle came along and she was thrilled.  🙂


Since Sunday was a rest day, I was more than ready for yesterday’s run.  We did 6 miles total and finished with an average pace of 7:23.  My fastest avg pace yet!


Today’s run will probably be an easy couple of miles on the trail…I have more time on my hands since I am out of work due to the goverment shutdown. :-/


EXCITING RUNNING NEWS!  I AM RUNNING A RAGNAR RELAY THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!  One of the team members had to drop out due to injury, so I got this awesome last-minute opportunity.  My good friend Rachel is on the team and I can’t wait to see her. 🙂

I have some pretty intense legs (9.6 miles, 9.2 miles, and 3.8 miles), but I am super excited! 

Are you training for a race right now?

Have you ever run a relay?


  1. A relay sounds like so much fun! Good luck!

  2. I have heard such great things about Ragnar races — that’s so exciting!
    And I am training for a race right now, The St Louis Half later this month! I’m starting to get very excited!

  3. Hey Linda! I did a slow 10 miler when I got home 😔 the hills were exhausting…about an 8:45 pace..now that is slow 😮 oh well enjoy the time off…

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