I ran on the treadmill and I didn’t hate it.

Yesterday was a strange day. I went into work for 4 hours, signed my furlough papers, and left work with no idea of when I would go back. Anybody else floating in this same boat?

After my short work day, I met my Mom and my Aunt for lunch. We ate at Michael’s Cafe and had a great time talking and enjoying each other’s company. I had a turkey burger with sweet potato fries and it was so good.

My mom and I decided to hit the gym around 7:30 and I did a 6 mile progression run on the treadmill. I used to hate the treadmill, but it wasn’t so bad last night. πŸ™‚

Mile 1 8:31
Mile 2 8:13
Mile 3 8:01
Mile 4 7:54
Mile 5 7:47
Mile 6 7:35

6 mile progression run = fro yo!

Treadmill runner or outside runner?


  1. I have my days with treadmills too! Once in awhile we really get along… most of the time we don’t!

  2. Outside run for 2 days….very hilly and challenging…my Tuesday pace for 10 miles was 8:45 and my 7 miler today was around an 8:20 so I guess the hills were quite challenging…way to go on the treadmill run…I may do one of those myself!πŸ˜€

  3. I’m still a treadmill lover. Working on loving outdoors…hopefully that love blooms before my race in Dec!
    Good call on the fro-yo!

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