DC Ragnar Relay: Part 2!

After our first leg, we headed to the next major exchange point to get some rest… This exchange point was a creamery/farm in the middle of nowhere.

You all know how much I like ice cream and I really wanted to get some from here, but I had a 9.2 very hard course ahead of me and I didn’t know how well it would sit.

Van #2 waiting for Van #1 to finish up their second leg. Have I mentioned how awesome our entire team was? 12 very strong and determined runners!

We chugged along and rocked our second legs…in the pitch black and in the middle of the night. My course was through a state park on a narrow trail…home of coyotes and mountain lions!!! My team was very supportive and stuck with me for the really scary parts. 🙂

We met up with Van #1 at the next exchange point and we waited for Tim to finish his 10 mile run. Once Tim finished, Clare started Van #1’s third and final leg. This exchange had a photo booth so Liz and I took some sweaty, smelly, exhausted pics.

I think we all finally got about an hour and a half of sleep. It definitely felt good to shut my eyes and just relax. However, when Iwonka mentioned pancakes and coffee, Tim and I were up and ready for some food. Food never tasted so good.

Van #1 completed their third and final leg and they were ready to relax and wait for Van #2 at the finish line. The last 6 legs had to be shortened to 3 legs due to the government shutdown, so we ran in pairs. It was really fun to run with a teammate on the final stretch.

Iwonka and Phil

Liz and Ryan


Me and Tim with the rest of the team crossing the finish line!

So proud of the Young Guns! We finished 66th out of 315 teams!

This team knows how to celebrate…noodle beer bong!

Ragnar shirt, medal, and bib

I can honestly say that this was such an awesome experience and it was the most fun I have ever had running. I am very fortunate to have made a bunch of new friends and I look forward to hitting the pavement with them again soon. 🙂

Me and Rachel last weekend!

And me and Rachel sometime in the 80s 🙂


If you love to run and you are up for an adventure, you must try a Ragnar Relay!

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