Workout Recap: 10/8-10/13

After the Ragnar Relay, I took 2 days off to relax and rest. It felt great, but I was more than ready to get moving again.

Tuesday, 10/8
6 miles

Rocked my Ragnar gear of course.

Wednesday, 10/9
6 miles with Molly 🙂

Thursday, 10/10
It was a very rainy and cold day, so I did a workout in the basement.

Repeated for 40 minutes
50 jumping jacks
30 high knees
10 burpees
10 walking push-ups
30 sit-ups
15 tricep dips
1 minute plank

Since I hadn’t done any strength training in a while, this hurt the next day.

Friday, 10/11
Yasso 800s on the treadmill

1 mile warm up, 6×800 m with 400 m recovery jog in between, 1 mile cool down. (800m equals .5 mile or two times around the track and 400m is .25 mile or one time around the track).

My 800s looked like this…


Total of 6.5 miles.

Saturday, 10/12
8 slow miles


I’ll be taking it easy this week because I have a big weekend coming up! The Runner’s World Half and Festival where I will be running the hat trick (5k and 10k on Saturday and a Half marathon on Sunday)!!! I’m so excited!

Do you have a race coming up?
Do you like speed work?


  1. Sounds like you had a great week of workouts! I ran 6 miles today in 47:08. I plan on doing a couple more runs this week and then the 1/2 at Runner’s World! I miss running with you…been pretty much been going it alone! See you soon! Congrats on the relay it really sounds like you had a lot of fun!!😃Lisa

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