I slept on the couch.

This cute little stinker decided that she did not want to sleep in her crib last night and she would only sleep while being held.


It was a very long night…  I am happy to report that she is currently sleeping in her crib and has not made a sound.  I really would like to sleep in my bed tonight.  🙂


We were slow to get moving this morning, but we finally headed to brunch (well, we really just ordered breakfast at lunch time) at Bagel Works.  I had an egg white omelet with spinach and American cheese, fruit, and an everything bagel.  This picture is pretty awful…you’re welcome.


Next, we headed to a very happy place…Target.  We didn’t really get anything too exciting, but AB was happy just to be riding in the cart.


I finally got my run in late in the afternoon.  It was perfect running weather.


I did a total of 8 miles…started off slow, ran 3 faster miles, and then ran easy to the end.


My last run was on Saturday and I felt sooo much better after this run.  A good run really does a body good.  🙂

How far did you run today?

Moms-Any advice to help AB sleep better?  She was a super sleeper for a few months and then she started getting up several time a night.  :-/


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