Pancakes and cross-training

This morning started off in a great way. Blueberry pancakes with Chris and Annabelle. PS while I do need to go back to work and make money, I have really enjoyed being a stay at home mom these last few weeks.

After breakfast I finally did some organizing in Annabelle’s room. It’s so sad to pack away all of her small clothing.

While Chris and AB took a nap, I went to the gym for cross-training and Boy Meets World.


I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and a few rounds of walking push-ups, sit-ups, and ended with planks.
Right now me and AB are just hanging out…she is really starting to explore everything. Time to baby proof.

She is wearing her Halloween outfit today…and she will probably wear it 10 more times before Halloween.

Tonight, I will be packing for the Runner’s World Half and Festival because I head to Bethlehem , PA tomorrow afternoon!

Are you a big Halloween person?
Pancakes or French toast?


  1. Pancakes!! Love Halloween!!😃

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