Touring Runner’s World HQ and s’mores with Bart Yasso

Last night, I boarded a bus with 19 other bloggers and we headed to Runner’s World HQ. Look who was there to greet us!

FYI that’s Bart Yasso and he is awesome.

We had a BBQ with the RW editors and met a lot of fun people.

The food was amazing! Burgers, pasta salad, and salad.

After dinner, Bart took us on a tour and we got to see behind the scenes.

Bart Yasso’s Office

Monica in front of Bart’s door covered with race bibs.

The December issue of RW ready to head to the printer!

Loved this…smoker’s coat closet where smokers are expected to hang their coats…not a closet to smoke in.

The night ended in a great way…s’mores and looking through all my new swag :-).

Wow, my scaly hands could use some lotion.

Do you read Runner’s World?


  1. Wow!!!!! So cool you got to meet the man himself!!! Wow! I do read Runner’s World!!

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