Runner’s World Half and Festival: Day 2!

If you missed the first post of my Runner’s World weekend, check it here.

(A big thanks to Runner’s World for sponsoring me for this event.  Runner’s World paid for my lodging, meals, activities, and gear throughout the weekend.)

Everyday should include the following things:

***A 3 mile shake-out run with Bart Yasso



***Skirt Olympics put on by Running Skirts.


We each had to sprint and pick up a bag, put on our skirt, run back to the start and put on compression socks, and then run to the finish.  Bart Yasso can sure rock a skirt.


***Breakfast with Bart Yasso

***Shoe seminar by Altra Zero Drop Footwear.  Golden Harper, one of the founders of the company, talked about how the idea of the shoes came about and how the company was started.  He used to make shoes in his family’s toaster oven!

***Running clinic taught by Golden Harper. BTW, he ran a 2:45 marathon when he was 12.

He taught us four tips to improve our running form:

1.  Forward momentum posture:  Run proud!

2.  Compact arms:  Don’t run with chicken arms and keep arms at 90 degrees and push arms back…not forward.

3.  Proper foot strike:  light, quick, smooth, and easy

4.  High cadence:  30 right foot strikes every 20 seconds is ideal.

He had us run without our shoes on…try and it and see how different your form feels.

***Recovery for runner’s class taught by super fit and super fun Melanie Douglas from ICON Fitness.  ICON hooked us up with some awesome gear, all of which can be found at Wal-Mart.  🙂

3-in-1 Massage Roller, Lotus Grip Block, Xfinity Fitness Band, Lotus yoga mat, and yoga tote



Annabelle loved exploring my new swag.  🙂


***Lunch from the Runner’s World Cookbook!  Everything (Caprese Farro Salad, Rodale Green Salad, Mushroom Tacos, and Banana-Oat Energy Bars) was so delicious and I can’t wait to make my way through the book.




Me and Janae 🙂


***Presentation by Pro-Form on the Boston Marathon and iFit Technology.  This treadmill is full of great features…one of my favorites is that you can change the speed with a ring your wear on your hand.  With iFit technology, you can pick to run/walk/hike anywhere in the world and the treadmill changes automatically to match the terrain.

Photo of the entire gang 🙂

***We met Summer Sanders! She is such an amazing athlete!  She spoke about the beginnings of her swimming career and her journey to make an Olympic team.  She is also talked about her family and her running goals.  Being able to meet her and greet her with a hug (we are on hugging terms), was such a great experience.


The night ended with dinner and a movie…Ruby Tuesday salads, soda, and popcorn snuck into the theater to watch Spirit of the Marathon II. Such a great movie and now I really want to run a marathon…in Rome.

And since everyday should end with chocolate…hot chocolate from the hotel lobby. Yup, we are fancy.

Random photo of Annabelle=necessary 🙂

What are your running plans for this week?
Hot chocolate or coffee or tea?


  1. I am super jealous of your fun running weekend! It looks like you had a blast 🙂

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