RW Day 3: Awesome food and feeling inspired.

On Saturday evening, we had a pasta dinner with the RW editors. After running 2 races that morning, we were all famished and ready to eat.

When I saw the dessert table, I had to go over and get a picture. Such a beautiful sight.


Yup, I had one of each. The stuff in the cup was tiramisu and it was sooo good. The cupcakes were pretty good too…I can’t say no to chocolate.
For the main course there was salad, veggies, two types of pasta, pesto, marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, beef meatballs, turkey meatballs, and bread.

Just about everything is piled onto this plate and I really wish this was going to be my dinner tonight.

After dinner we headed to a presentation by Dave McGillivray who is the race director of the Boston Marathon. His presentation was called “Defining Moments” and it was incredible.

He spoke about defining moments in his life and told stories of his running adventures and people he has met along the way. He is such an incredible speaker and his story is truly inspirational. He had all of us girls laughing one moment and then in tears the next.

After the presentation, he signed copies of his book “The Last Pick” and took pictures with everybody. They sold out of books before I could buy one, but we still got to say hello to him and take a picture. I’ll be buying this book ASAP.

Tina, Theodora, Dave, Me, and Janae

After running two races, eating great food, and getting inspired, I was ready to head to bed and get ready for the third race of the hat trick…half marathon time. 🙂

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