Runner’s World Half Marathon Recap

The half marathon (the third race of the hat trick) started at 8 am on Sunday morning. I woke up at 5:45, got some hotel lobby coffee, and boarded the 6:15 shuttle to the Steel Stacks.

Once we got there, we had plenty of time to hang out and eat breakfast. I had a chocolate power bar about an hour before the race started.

Me and my roomie Toni before the race 🙂

At around 7:30, we headed to the start line which was about a mile up the road. We really didn’t give ourselves enough time to check our bags and get back to the start line (partially our fault for waiting so long, but the bag check was beyond the start line and we had to back track). There was also a bag drop at the finish line, so runners could choose the one that best fit their needs. FYI the bags dropped at the start line were taken down to the finish line during the race.

The race started promptly at 8 am. I started off in the 8:00 min pace group with my friend Lisa…and my BFF Summer Sanders. Once we crossed the start line, I never saw Summer again. New running goal=be as fast as Summer Sanders.

I had originally wanted to run under 1:46, but after trashing my legs on the 5k and 10k, I decided to just see what I could do. I felt great at the beginning and the first couple of miles were at a sub 8 pace. The crowds were great, the runners were enthusiastic, and the volunteers were wonderful.

The half marathon course was similar to the 5k and 10k in parts, but we definitely got to see more of the beautiful city of Bethlehem during the half.


My friend Lisa pulled ahead of me around mile 6-7 and I trucked along for the rest of the race. I was just happy to be running and happy to be there, so finishing was all that really mattered.

At mile 12, the 8:25 pace group came up behind me and I decided I would stick with them for the last mile. I finished in 1:49:48 with an average pace of 8:22. All things considered, I’m pretty happy with that. 🙂 Half marathon PR…I’m coming to get you in December.

Lisa finished her first half marathon in 1:47:01 with an average pace of 8:09. Way to go Lisa!

After the race we took lots of pics because it was almost time for us all to part ways. 😦

Heather, Susan, Jocelyn, Me, and Monica

Thanks for the photo Kristin

My new BFFs Janae and Sarah 🙂

I cannot believe how awesome this weekend was! A big thank you to Runner’s World for giving me this awesome opportunity. I got to meet a group of fun bloggers and runners and I can’t wait to continue these new friendships!

Happy Running! Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you…



  1. Wow what great pics! I hope to break a 1:45 next time! December may be the race to do it! TTYL!!!

  2. Cover Girl!!!! Love it!

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