We learned a valuable lesson.

When you are trick-or-treating, do not get there towards the end.  The event was from 4-8 pm last night but when we got there around 7 pm, almost all of the candy was gone.  We ended up with a few lollipops and 2 Hershey’s kisses.  Be prepared to see the cutest baby unicorn in the entire world.



We have two more trick-or-treats on the schedule and we will be arriving on time for those.  🙂

After we were done being really upset about the candy situation trick-or-treating, we headed to Panera Bread for dinner.

I ordered the autumn squash soup and the sierra turkey sandwich with a side of bread.  The bread was warm and fresh out of the oven…I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t usually happen.


If you haven’t tried this soup yet, please go try it before they stop having it.  It is the perfect soup for a chilly fall night.

You know what else is perfect on a chilly fall night, fro yo.


Have a wonderful Saturday!

If you have children, what are they being for Halloween?

Fruity candy or chocolate candy?

I think you all know the answer to this one.



  1. You are right – cutest unicorn e.v.e.r!

  2. So cute! Jake is going to be Harry Potter (with his own twist, of course) and we gave the Halloween party at karate tonight!! Chocolate candy all the waaaay!!

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