Camouflage and the best way to shop.


Chris left for a paint ball/camping bachelor party yesterday morning. He was sporting his new camo gear and he finally fits in where we live now.

After Chris left, my mom came and we had pumpkin pancakes with Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips. I even made Molly and Annabelle one. Annabelle’s is pictured below…don’t worry, hers didn’t have chocolate in it. 🙂

I tried white chocolate chips this morning and they were amazing.

After breakfast we headed to our happy place, Target, and Annabelle was excited to finally wear her new winter coat.

She decided she didn’t like sitting in the cart anymore, so we put her in a storage bin and she was a happy camper.

After spending way too much money only buying what I needed, we headed to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I got the chicken critter salad with light ranch dressing. PS this is really the only place I get fried chicken…it’s really good.

Dinner may have been followed up with ice cream…

Fast forward to this morning…Annabelle woke up refreshed and happy because she slept from 9 pm to 8:45 am. Hallelujah!!! I’m one happy mommy.

I ran long on Friday and took yesterday off, so I am so ready to get a run in today!

What are your Sunday plans?

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